Concrete Perception at Apartment 58

Apartment 58 – the creative industries member’s club in central London – is hosting artists Fred Sorrell and Alexandra Wilk between 5 June and 5 July. Titled Concrete Perception, the exhibition is curated by Carla Yarish and brings together a series of hanging, hand-dyed artworks, wall drawings, paintings and sculptures forming a site- specific installation intended to both reflect and disrupt Apartment 58s new bold steel and glass, open- plan space.

Exhibition 6 June – 6 July

10am to 12am Monday-Wednesday, 10am to 2am Thursday, 10am to 4am Friday, 12pm to 4am Saturday and 7pm to 4am Sunday.

Apartment 58 is a new 8,000 square foot members club designed by Michael Sodeau Partnership in conjunction with Design Junction, providing a space to work and socialising for people in the creative industry. First opening in 2012 in London’s Soho, a new apartment, APT58: Soho opened in February 2013 under London’s iconic Centre Point.